“PLANETARIUM” is the title of my work which I realized in Cosenza for the residency at the Bocs Art, a project started before my arrival in the city. It is the idea of ​​creating a collective work directly involving the inhabitants of the place, as if to investigate the particular influences which a territory can emanate on men and the environment. Subsequently, it turned into the participation of the artists and people who lived the experience of residency at the Bocs from 26/12 to 6/1/2016. The reason of my choice derives from the naturalness of the common path taken by the artists and from the sharing of a profound and radical coexistence in a place so congenial to the proposed experience. The creation of the sculpture had several stages, from the choice of the base, a stone found and taken from the Crati river, a concrete symbolic element and principle of the work, to the iron structure and the preparation for the development of the shape to then reach those who “donated” his hand and with it his existential baggage. A fundamental part of the creation was to perform the casts of the hands, a moment in which the artists and the people told a little about themselves: in each meeting it was created a deep intimacy. The “lived” narrated by each of them, the words, the looks and the‑ movements seem to manifest themselves in the “geography” of their hand. In the final phase, the hands form a fabric that wraps but does not fill the entire surface, just to leave spaces for breath and imagination.