My name is Paolo Garau and I mainly deal with sculpture, key for me of experimentation and growth.

My passion for art stems from the urgency of communicating the most intimate ideas and needs.
My work allows me to elaborate thoughts that I subsequently realize, in a continuous search of balance between substance and idea.
My artistic career begins at the Art Institute of Anzio (RM) and then continues at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where I was lucky enough to have really stimulating study companions.
After the Academy I participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic residences in Italy and abroad: Berlin with the Leonardo project, at the castle of Rivoli (TO) with “Real Presence” and in Cosenza with the Bocs Art. I dealt with the creation of sceneries, events and design elements for clubs, private homes and for the show “The Tempest” for Del Carretto’s theatre. I designed and created the “Cetri Tires” awards in partnership with Jeremy Rifkin. I also collaborated for the design and construction of the stagings for the “Strong Bold Gold” event for Heineken in Milan directed by Luca Tommassini.
I live in Rome where I am a teacher of Plastic Disciplines at the Giulio Carlo Argan art school and I have my workshop in Testaccio where I carry on my artistic research work.