Exhibition by Paolo Garau Curated by Angelo Fàvaro

The meaning of the artistic creation proposed by Paolo Garau focus on the metaphor of the introspection, intended as the opening-vivisection of the outside to bring out the inside, in a powerful and significantly existential dialectical practice. In the functional and essential division, which is never a decomposition, there is always the weel-considered search for plastic balance (physical and metaphysical). Curated by Professor Angelo Fàvaro, the “Introspezioni classiche” exhibition aims to induce the public to question about space and form. The introspections proposed by Paolo Garau can be defined as classic since it is from classicism that the search for balance starts (existential and physical), to reach the present day in different ways. During the inauguration there will be the musical performance Memoària by Maurizio Masullo and Luca Pietrosanti. To be noted, for the importance and significance with respect to the theme of the exhibition, during the evening, there will be also the acting performance of the actor Roberto Santi, who will perform pieces from Animula, vagula, blandula: Adriano – the Man, elaboration of Flavio Marigliani from Memoirs of Adriano di Marguerite.»  

Angelo Fàvaro