Qualcosa di me sarà tuo per sempre”,

Curated by Annalisa Ferraro

Like icons, which gold paints with sacredness, Paolo Garau’s sculptures show themselves without any veil, in their nakedness they reveal the purity of their actions. More than flesh, the sculpted limbs seem to be made of thoughts, rather than bodies, those silhouettes seem to be devices capable of connecting mind and heart. As icons, which gold carries from the real to the spiritual sphere, Paolo Garau’s works move in the ethereal space of feelings, they are men and women who have dropped every impassable barrier, abandoned the most iron defenses, to let life flow in love, in emotions, in the exchange of mutual affections. Each body preserves the traces of the established connections, just like those fields crossed by swollen rivers, which keep the narrative of each passage in the living earth.